BIBLE VERSE for May 2024:
"For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? " Matthew 16:26

In the early books of the Bible, God provided information that Jesus was coming, God will walk among the people, and BELIEVERS WILL BE SAVED.

(Read the Bible for yourself and let Jesus interpret the WORD for you and bring truth to your life.
The WORD will provide you with the truth and knowledge you need to believe and achieve eternal life.)

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P.O. Box 176

303 North Hackberry Street. Moulton, TX 77975

(361)596-4928, Pastor:361-798-0155

The Church was dedicated October 2, 1904. Inside there are Gothic-style stained glass windows with their original German inscriptions. The inside has beautiful "aged wood" pews, altar, window frames and floors. A balcony in the rear overlooks the congregation below. A pipe organ occupying an entire room provides the music. Additional: History of the Church


Special Activities and Events (Things Happening at Zion):

School Supplies for Children:

The Church ladies organization (WELCA) donated money to the local school library for books.

Christmas Carol Singing and Sausage Supper: (December 2023 at Luther Hall)

Friends, Guests and Members gather at Luther Hall each December for a supper followed by the singing of Christmas carols. The desserts alone make the event! The sausage and sauerkraut is provided by the Men in Mission/Church. Guests bring desserts and dishes to compliment the meal. George Koudelka plays the piano and everyone joins in on the traditional carols. A christmas gift/donation is collected to help the poor. If you have trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, this event should be a priority on your christmas calendar.

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**Facebook: Moulton Lutheran Church