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Pastor Herb Beyer
Tri-County Cooperative Ministries Serving Churches and Communities in Lavaca, Fayette and Colorado Counties

Tri-County Cooperative Ministries Eases into In Church Worship Services

In Church services will continue May 24, 2020 at 10:45 AM for Zion Lutheran Church in Moulton, Texas. Read the following for the

Member churches of the Tri-County Cooperative Ministries, ELCA will begin to open their houses of worship beginning Sunday, May 17.
Worshipers will gather for In Church communion services this Sunday, May 17 at Faith Lutheran Church, Weimar at 10:00 a.m. and
Zion Lutheran Church, Moulton at 10:45 a.m.
Pastors Herb Beyer and John Hunsicker will be leading the services. Faith, Weimar is located at 615 South Eagle Street and Zion,
Moulton is at 307 North Hackberry.

St. Peter Lutheran Church of Prairie Valley, West Point will continue to have outdoor drive-up services every Sunday through the month of May.
Worshipers may choose to bring a lawn chair to sit nearer the worship center, however maintaining the 6 foot distance and continuing to wear masks.
St. Peter is located at 640 Prairie Valley Road off of Highway 71.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sublime, located at 547 County Road 146, has tentatively scheduled Sunday, June 7 to begin In Church 8:00 a.m. communion services.
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Witting will begin communion services on Sunday, June 28 at 8:00 a.m. The Witting Church is located at 79 County Road 277, Moulton.

Persons are asked to follow the guidelines provided by the Governor and AG offices. Gathering as an assembly is a fundamental part of Christian community.
And we can return to our churches, celebrating Word and Sacrament. But we need to be careful to follow the safety guidelines proposed by local officials
and church leaders. It is important for all of us to be mindful that guidelines can change
depending on the health concerns of a given geographic area at a particular time.
We have a mutual responsibility to one another, to love and care for each other.

Because of current circumstances, we are having to adapt to these circumstances. In order to provide a safe environment for worshippers for “in church” services
and mindful of the health and well-being of all:

Persons should take their temperatures before coming to services or other gatherings and should not attend if exhibiting any signs of sickness.
Do not minimize your illness or ignore it, be sure to contact your physician to determine the problem and necessary treatment.

Persons with symptoms of possible COVID-19 should immediately contact their physician for assessment and possible treatment.
Such persons should not be in public settings, including church services.

Persons unable to attend services may make an appointment with the pastor to receive communion at the church office during the week.

We will seek to provide a designated area inside facilities for at-risk persons.

All persons conducting or assisting with worship services will wash or sanitize their hands upon entering, maintain six feet of separation from others if feasible
in conducting your duties, wear a face covering over nose and mouth, and wear gloves when necessary.

Sanctuaries will be sanitized between each worship service.

Concerning Communion Services at TCCM Congregations:

Ushers (wearing gloves) may open doors for attendees and warmly welcome persons verbally from a distance, but will not shake hands.

Bulletins are not to be passed out but will already be placed in pews or chairs earlier in the week.

Worship booklets will remain in place from service to service.

Every other pew in the church is to remain vacant.

Worship service booklets will be placed in the pews where persons may sit, along with a bulletin of announcements and Scripture readings.
Leave the worship booklets in place and take the bulletins with you.

In seating involving chairs, keep every other row of seats empty and at least two empty seats (or six feet separation) between parties in any row,
except as follows:

1. Members of the same household can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats empty on either side.
2. Two individuals who are not members of the same household but who are attending together can sit adjacent to one another, with two seats empty on either side.

Practice social distancing in consideration of your neighbors (6 feet from one another is recommended for persons not in same family or couple attending).
Those of the same household can be seated together in a pew.

Those attending together can be seated together in a pew, but please maintain at least six feet of distance on either side of the couple.
Persons not in the same household are asked to maintain a six-foot distance from one another if in the same pew.

When greeting persons entering or leaving church, or in sharing the peace, refrain from handshakes and hugs. Give a nod, a verbal or (Peace be with you),
or a wave (at a distance).

Persons should be careful not to gather too closely when entering or leaving the church or stand too close in the communion line.

Persons attending services are asked to wear face coverings.

If you do not have one, there are some available to you at the church entrances.
There will be sanitation stations with cleansing agents at church entrances.
Collection of offerings (Offering plates or baskets will be located at a church entrance or near the front pew of the church).
Persons are asked to give their offering either as they enter or leave services or just before receiving the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
This means there is no need for persons to touch the plates or baskets.

Pastors and assisting ministers will wash their hands during the offering, prior to communion.

As persons come forward for communion down the middle aisle, please keep some distance between you and the person ahead of you.
Return to your pew by way of a side aisle.

The distribution of Communion is an especially sensitive time. Persons receiving communion will receive the host in the hand (not on the tongue).
And drinking from a common chalice or use of intinction is not permitted at this time.

When children come forward for a blessing, it will be given from a distance.

We are continuing to care for the spiritual and emotional needs of persons within their communities and churches during the crisis of the corona pandemic.
And that has involved finding alternative ways of reaching people using technology, holding parking lot worship, as well as traditional methods like telephone assurance.
Pastors and lay leaders are contacting parishioners by phone to make sure they have access to food and medications or if there are other needs requiring assistance
and providing an opportunity for listening and prayer.

Persons are also encouraged to continue watching Sunday Service broadcasts and updates through our websites, links and Facebook accounts--offering a message,
prayers, Scripture readings, encouragement, and suggestions for faith and life.

Church websites where persons can access worship services include: or .

Persons can also go to Facebook of Herb Beyer, Faith Lutheran Church of Weimar and Moulton Lutheran Church,
and previously taped weekly worship services and periodic encouragements (devotion, Scripture and prayer). For any additional updates, call 361-798-0155. TCCM Church Newsletters can also be accessed at the church websites or can be requested by email: According to the Texas Attorney Generals Office and Governor Gregg Abbott: Essential services include religious services conducted in churches, congregations,
and houses of worship. TCCM churches will be following the guidelines provided by the offices of the AG and Governor allowing worship,
and by doing so in a safe way and protecting the health of all concerned. Persons who are ill or have health issues and concerns should certainly remain at home,
and listen to our broadcasts through our identified websites, links and Facebook.

The Tri County Cooperative Ministries serves congregations and communities in Lavaca, Fayette and Colorado Counties,
including the congregations of Zion Lutheran Church, Moulton; St. Peter Lutheran Church, West Point; Zion Lutheran Church, Sublime;
Evangelical Lutheran Church, Witting; and Faith Lutheran Church, Weimar. We continue to find ways to take care of one another spiritually, physically,
emotionally, and in terms of our relationships during this difficult time for our nation and world. For persons in the community needing assurance, pastoral support and care, and prayer, they can contact Pastor Herb Beyer at 361-798-0155 (24/7)
or Email: If there is a pastoral care need, do not hesitate to make the contact.

Church members can continue to support the Church by praying for one another, encouraging as you have opportunity, and checking on neighbors at least through the telephone. Weekly church offerings can be sent to the offices of your respective churches. Continue to remain calm, caring and connected.

We are the Church Together! Keep Our Churches Strong.

You love the Lord and His Church. So, we invite you to continue supporting the work of Christ by sending your weekly offerings directly to the church office.
You are making sure our churches remain financially able to do the ministry of Christ. Your gift is to God through the Church so that the Church can continue
to do the work of God in the world: preaching, teaching, caring, comforting, healing, encouraging, supporting, praying, and now using technology.
We continue to care for our churches and communities in these challenging times; connecting with persons by providing links of worship services and brief
messages on the internet (Facebook, emails and YouTube), newsletters, phone calls of prayer and assurance, making devotional materials available at each
church location for pick up, and doing home delivery of a face mask and prayer book. But that is possible because of your generosity, support and prayers.

St. Paul writes (First Corinthians 9:6-8):

Quote: The point is this: the one who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and the one who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.
Each of you must give as you have made up your mind, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. And God is able
to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. End Quote

Your weekly offerings to the Lord may be mailed directly to one of the following.

Faith Lutheran Church, P.O. Box 216, Weimar, Texas 78962
Zion Lutheran Church (Moulton), P.O. Box 176, Moulton, Texas 77975
Evangelical Lutheran Church of Witting, 79 CR 277, Moulton, Texas 77975
Zion Lutheran Church (Sublime), P.O. Box 43, Sublime, Texas 77986
St. Peter Lutheran Church of Prairie Valley, P.O. Box 10, West Point, Texas 78963
Tri-County Cooperative Ministries (TCCM), P.O. Box 216, Weimar, Texas 78962

We are grateful to our God who has blessed us with every good thing through our faith, a new and eternal life, the Church, family, friends,
our lives and livelihood, health, mind, strength, and material possessions. We are grateful for recent rains, filled ponds, lush green grass of the pastures,
and growing gardens. Everything belongs to God, and God in love provides for us.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting the work of Christ in the world, our continuing ministry and keeping our churches strong.

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus and the potential it has to our churches and communities, we will not have regular worship services on Wednesday nights or Sundays for the period March 20 through April 3. Governor Abbott has ordered that there be no gatherings of 10 or more for the period of midnight March 20 through midnight April 3.

We are hoping that normal services will resume by Sunday, April 5 in time for Holy Week observances and the Easter celebration. We will continue to provide periodic updates.

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus (Covid-19) situation. It is the focus of news stations and daily conversations. And I understand, people are anxious and worried. Some are feeling a bit overwhelmed and that concerns us.

We understand that the symptoms of a coronavirus are much like those we experience with the flu. However, a coronavirus is a new sickness that has not happened before. For this reason, our bodies have not developed immunity to this very contagious virus yet.

Good people are working as hard and as fast as they can to increase the availability of tests for this sickness and to find the best ways to treat this sickness. Our Bishop Sue Briner has encouraged leaders to (Stay calm, clear and connected.)

We are currently working to set up broadcasting an abbreviated worship experience online through our websites and Facebook by the pastors, offering a sermon, prayers, Scripture readings and encouragement. You can go to the following websites: or and Facebook account: Moulton Lutheran Church effective March 22, 2020.

We realize some of our members do not have access to such technology like smart phones or the internet. And it is important to stay connected with these persons as well, particularly the elderly, shut-in, residents at nursing homes and hospitalized. Here telephone assurance is probably the best and most direct way of staying connected, offering assurance, and even prayer.

My cell number is 361-798-0155 (on 24/7) and I encourage anyone needing to talk or receive pastoral care and counsel to call. My email is If there is a pastoral need, do not hesitate to contact me.

As we all continue to stay connected and support the Church, what can each of us do? Pray! Read the Bible (The Psalms and a letter from Paul to the Philippians) are excellent reading in difficult times.) Encourage each other and love one another as God gives opportunity. Our weekly offerings can be mailed to our respective churches to make sure that they remain financially able to continue doing ministry. Notify us now if any of our members are in need of assistance (for example, picking up groceries or medications), or if they become ill or hospitalized.

We are here for you! We love you and care about your well-being!

Because of our faith in Jesus Christ and the encouragement of those who are our family of faith, we know that God will carry us through this.


1. Wash your hands thoroughly and often. I like the suggestion to say the Lord's Prayer while you are using the soap. Rinse your hands when you get to AMEN.

2. Do not touch your face.

3. If you have any kind of upper respiratory sickness, stay home.

4. If you have any serious medical issues: high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, COPD, undergoing chemotherapy, any kind of immune system compromise, stay home.

5. If you are elderly, try to stay home as much as possible.

6. If you have any upper respiratory symptoms, stay home.

7. If you show symptoms of the virus, please call the doctor at their office, emergency room, or hospital FIRST. Do not simply walk in. You could bring the virus to medical personnel and other who are sick with other things. So call FIRST, and medical personnel would give you instructions where and when to go.

I know with absolute certainty who you are and how much we all care about each other. It is our great joy and privilege to do every single thing we can to take care of each other the very best we can.

We ask God to put a shield of protection around each other, around all of our loved ones, around our church, around our community and beyond, in Jesus' name. AMEN.

We are going to pray a lot. And we are going to trust God to guide us through this, the same way God has always guided us.

Blessings and love to each of you. Thank you for your love and care for each other.

Pastor Herb Beyer
Tri-County Cooperative Ministries

3/16/2020 Comment on Current Virus Situation

I realize that this is a very stressful time for many. People are worried, anxious, afraid. It's important for us to stay hopeful, to encourage and love one another and stay connected. If there is anyone served by our various churches or in our communities, that needs someone to talk with, in need of telephone assurance, a word of encouragement, you can share my cell number 361-798-0155 or We are especially concerned about the elderly and those with serious health conditions. We are working at ways to stay connected as the body of Christ. Pray more. Read and study your Bible (I particularly find the Psalms and Paul's letter to the Philippians helpful). Encourage one another as you have opportunity. Do not worry. Do not be afraid. Let not your hearts be troubled. Christ is with us! Christ will carry us through this. Choose faith over fear.

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